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Meet Some of Our Amazing Engineers

From roads and bridges to public works and flood control, civil engineers do it all. When we turn on the kitchen tap, drive across a bridge or land on an airport runway, we can thank the engineers who designed this infrastructure.


Each year during National Engineers Week, DEC spotlights our amazing engineers and the contributions to society that all engineers make. Let’s meet some of our engineers to learn why they became engineers and what they enjoy about their work.


Nageen Farooq, Engineer II

“I wanted to become an engineer because engineers do things that others can only imagine. I love problem-solving and coming up with innovative solutions.”


Royal Bhandari, Traffic Engineer

“As an engineer, I enjoy the opportunity to be a creator and problem-solver. There's a unique satisfaction in taking on challenges, applying my knowledge and skills, and seeing tangible results. Whether it's designing a new signalized intersection, optimizing an existing one, or finding innovative solutions to traffic congestion, the constant learning and the chance to make a positive impact on the world keep me passionate about my work.”


Xiaohua (Nellie) Yang, Engineer I

“I chose engineering because of my love for math and the opportunity for hands-on problem-solving. What I value most in engineering is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the world while addressing practical challenges.”


Skyler Farr, Traffic and ITS Engineer

“I became an engineer for the same reason I joined the Army National Guard, to serve and make an impact on my community. As a member of the National Guard, I’ve been able to provide support and relief during multiple domestic emergency events, as well as deploy overseas to protect the interest of the United States abroad. As a transportation/traffic engineer, I have been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of people, improving roadway safety and operations.”


Jose Angel Ramirez, Engineer in Training

“When I think about my purpose as an engineer, I recall a quote from my best teacher:

‘An engineer is not a person who just knows math or science and works with it in the office or the field. He or she uses these tools to see all possible solutions and find the best combination to fix the issue ... In short, an engineer is a problem-solver.’”


Mazvita Nyamarebvu, Engineer in Training

“I became an engineer due to a desire to help develop and improve society through solving problems with technology and other methodologies. Plus, the possibility of making a positive, everlasting impact in the world.”


Nathan Vo, Engineer in Training

“I chose to pursue a career in engineering because of my curiosity and interest in construction projects. Being an engineer has granted me the opportunity to actively engage in these projects and see the tangible outcomes of my efforts as they take shape during construction, especially the ones that take place within my home city.” 



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