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About DEC, Now a Part of Gannett Fleming

We’ve always been more than an engineering firm. We team with clients and others to find innovative solutions to make communities better. Through the decades, we’ve partnered to provide safe water and sewer systems, address subsidence, and identify ways to fund mass transit and highway projects. 


Making Communities Better  

In the 1950s-60s DEC played a leadership role in addressing public health concerns in Houston by establishing entities to fund residential water and sewer services, including for Acres Homes, a historic African American community established during World War I. That commitment continues today. 


Our Promise 

We strive to deliver engineering excellence, we build enduring relationships, and we positively impact the communities where we work. 


Our Vision 

To be the trusted civil engineering company of choice. 


Our Values 

By understanding and responding to client needs, we strive to deliver engineering excellence, build enduring relationships and improve Texas communities.  


TrustWe earn the trust of our co-workers and clients by being honest, reliable, ethical and responsive. 

Respect We show respect by encouraging and embracing diverse views and ideas.  

ExcellenceBy understanding and responding to client needs, we strive to develop innovative, sustainable projects that exceed expectations and exemplify engineering excellence. We have a long history of developing innovative and sustainable projects. 

In 2024, DEC became a part of Gannett Fleming. Click here to read more. 

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