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Updated: Aug 4, 2021

On August 8, 1907, the first professional engineering license was issued. Since then, PE licensure has increased as engineers across the U.S. have made the commitment to protect public welfare, safety, and health. To celebrate this distinction and show appreciation for the work they do every day, we asked some of our own PEs why they decided to get their license and what it means to them.


"I became a PE to give confidence to the public and City officials that my professional judgment can be trusted when partnering to improve the communities we live, work, and play in." Alex G. Project Manager, PE


"Passing the PE exam gave me an answer that I can become a great professional. Besides conquering the inner challenge and adding to the engineering values, it also gave me status and recognition among other professionals. It is a great feeling to have all the privileges related to PE." Andre I. Project Engineer, GIS Analyst, PE


"My first answer for why I wanted to be an engineer is because since I was a little boy I always wanted to drive a train. My serious reason is I enjoy being involved in building things, the bigger the better. The variety of the Civil Engineering profession is unlimited." Bart H. Senior Project Manager, PE


"As a third-generation Civil Engineer, I became a PE to continue in my father’s family tradition of being engineers, problem solvers, and mathematicians.”

David R. CAD Tech, Project Manager, PE


"When I was graduating from college, we had a ceremony where we recited the Obligation of the Engineer and received our Engineer’s Ring. I believe the PE is an extension of that oath and indicates the pride and responsibility I have in my work."

Dora J. Project Manager, GIS Analyst, PE


"I wanted to be a PE not only because of the passion and desire to put forth quality engineering products, but to live every day of my career to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public."

John H. H&H Project Manager, PE


"It’s always been one of my goals and it’s part of the growth process. Obviously, it is an important part of my career and advancement, and what having PE behind your name means. It brings a lot of satisfaction to designing something, stamping that plan, seeing it built, seeing it work, and work well." Richard I. , Director of Traffic Operations, PE


"It was a necessary step in my career. It helped me advance in status and work on more exciting projects while having more responsibility."

Ruth W. Engineer, PE


"Becoming a licensed Civil Engineer is a way to improve the quality of life of your community. It is also a very rewarding career." Silverio V. Project Manager, PE


"I became a PE to maximize my potential as a Civil Engineer specializing in land development."

Steve S. Principal of Land Development, PE


"I started out in college in Architecture; I was drawn to it early in high school. In the middle of my college days, I traded 4 years in the Navy to assist in my education costs. Engineering provided a similar creative, problem-solving career, though with better compensation. I was able to complete my degree in Architecture as well as Civil Engineering and believe it’s made me a better engineer."

William G. North Texas Division Managing Director, PE


"I decided to become a PE so I have the credentials to earn client’s trust. It also signals my ability to take on a higher level of responsibility at work, and earn respect from my colleagues. It's a symbol of the responsibility I have agreed to in ensuring the safety of the public."

Yinfei S. Project Engineer, PE

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