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Program Management


Clients trust DEC to deliver comprehensive program management services that promote durable designs, effective contracting and funding methods, and other high-value solutions. We’re experienced in permitting and construction procedures, policies, and practicalities at the state and regional levels.   ​

  • Risk management, stakeholder management, change management communication management

  • Providing overall program management and guidance

  • Developing independent cost estimating (labor and construction)

  • Executing quality control of design and construction functions

  • Developing and monitoring program and progress scheduling

  • Executing phasing and strategic implementation planning

  • Developing financial planning

  • Executing public and stakeholder outreach

  • Performing safety audits and guidance

  • Addressing bidding, award and construction engineering services

  • Offering construction inspection and other field investigations

  • Delivering corridor-wide engineering and special study services

  • Monitoring permitting and performing environmental assessments

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