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Proposed Drainage Work to Reduce Flood Risks in Baytown

In 2017, more than 3,500 homes were impacted by Hurricane Harvey in the city of Baytown. This historic storm event sparked regional efforts to improve local drainage systems. In 2019 the city approved DEC to provide services to complete the 2020 Master Drainage Plan.

Several locations across the city experience severe flooding during low-intensity, high-frequency storm events. The master drainage plan assessed the various drainage issues, including insufficient channel capacity, insufficient storm sewer systems, and blocked overland flow.

DEC identified the frequently flooded areas, developed flood control alternatives that are cost-effective and implementable, and addressed mitigation required to implement drainage improvements. A total of 21 areas were studied, and the projects were categorized into high-, medium- and low-priority projects.

The decrease in flooding extent due to recommended improvements in one of the high-priority areas is shown in the above image.

When implemented, project improvements recommended in the master drainage plan will remove 213 structures/ 599 acres/ 26 miles of roadway from the 100-year floodplain designation. The city of Baytown has already moved into subsequent phases for the recommended high-priority projects.

Read more about DEC’s Water Resources services.

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