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Meeting Housing Demand in the Greater Houston Region

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DEC’s Land Development team is working with Texas-based Maple Development Group to meet a growing need for housing with five planned residential communities in the greater Houston region.

DEC is providing a full scope of civil engineering services for the projects, including hydrology, transportation, traffic and public works components.  DEC will also be the district engineer for the utility districts that overlay the following developments:

  • Maple Woods – A 142-acre project in Hockley with an estimated 456 residential lots on 93 acres; 37 acres of parks, open space and drainage/detention; a water plant and a wastewater treatment plant

  • Maple Farms – A 770-acre development in Brazoria County with 357 acres of residential development; 128 acres for commercial development, an elementary school and a day care center; as well as 210 acres for drainage/detention, recreation and open space

  • Maple Reserve – A 381-acre development in Waller County with 237 acres for 1,077 residential lots; 5 acres for commercial use; 119 acres for detention/drainage, open space, a recreation center and parks; and water and wastewater treatment plants

  • Pecan Ranch – A 433-acre phased project in the city of Bonney with 1,231 residential lots, multi-family housing, commercial development, drainage/detention and open space. Also proposed are an elementary school, a day care center, a fire station, and a wastewater treatment plant.

  • Maple View – A 237-acre site in the city of Bonney with 676 lots, a proposed elementary school, commercial center, a park, recreation center and detention/drainage

Maple Development’s Pecan Ranch master-planned community was recently featured in the Houston Chronicle. About 500 lots in the first phase will be available to builders in the first half of 2023.

ABOUT MAPLE DEVELOPMENT GROUP: Maple is a privately held, Houston-based land development company. They specialize in working directly with land sellers and homebuilders to develop attainable communities.

ABOUT DEC LAND DEVELOPMENT: DEC’s experienced Land Development team has

helped clients across Texas realize their visions since our founding in 1945. Our project managers are big-picture thinkers who focus on design details and our clients’ financial success. Clients also benefit from DEC’s comprehensive services and experience in transportation, water resources and public infrastructure.

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