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"Every day and every project is different. I enjoy the design challenges of an out of the box project and love working with our clients."

How or why did you choose engineering as a career path or area of study?

I was following in the footsteps of two male idols in my Family. My oldest cousin graduated with a civil engineering degree from Vanderbilt, which would end up being my alma mater, and my great grandfather, Luther W. Stewart, who was a highway engineer. 

What inspires you about engineering?

Every day and every project is different. I enjoy the design challenges of an out-of-the-box project and love working with our clients. After being with Dannenbaum for over fifteen years I have had the pleasure of forming longstanding relationships with many of our wonderful clients. 

What challenges do women face in the Engineering profession or academia?

While most perceive engineering to be a male-dominated profession, I have not found it to be so.  I went to school with and have worked with many inspiring female engineers.  As of late my biggest struggle and challenge has been balancing motherhood with my career.  

What would you say to girls in school or college who may be considering Engineering as a career choice or study option?

The sky is the limit, do not be afraid of obtaining a difficult degree. I excelled in all math and science areas and struggled in other areas. This along with my desire to follow in a few of my family members' footsteps helped me narrow down on my desired degree.

What are your hopes for the future of Engineering?

It will continue to be a wonderful profession for women and that our work will be around for many future generations to enjoy.  


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